Data/Report Request Form

Please be as specific as possible in all areas – Thanks!!


Request will not be processed without the following info:

Please select the groups you want to include in this data request. Information requested outside of Institutional Advancement will require a Data Release Form.


Instructions for completing the Query/Report Request Form

Date of Request - The date the request is given to the person processing the request.

Deadlines - We need to know when you would like to have the Information, but we also need to know the last possible day we can give you the Information so we can prioritize. We will always try to get the Information back to you as soon as possible. Also, please do not write in ‘ASAP’. If this is written in, we will assume you don’t need the information by a specific date anytime soon.

Person requesting info - Self-explanatory. If we don’t know who you are, how can we help you?

What will the data be used for? – Please give a brief explanation of why you need this info, how the data will be used, and/or what you are expecting to get from us. We are not trying to be nosey! If we understand the purpose of the request, we can help produce the results you need. Even if all you want is a list of names, depending on the purpose of the request, that list can vary quite a bit.

Data Format - There are many different ways to pull Information out of Raiser’s Edge. We can export the Information into formats that can be used in MicrosoftWord, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Comma-Separated Values, and Word Perfect. Let us know which format you would like to be able to use the Information in.

Description of Query - This is a description of the type of Information you need, or who you want Information on. For example, if you would like to send a flyer to all Corpus Christi Alumni, then we will pull a list of everyone in Raiser’s Edge who is living in Corpus Christi and is an Alum.

Description of Info Needed on Report - A query will list everyone in a particular group. A report will list all the information you want on that group. For example, from a query listing all Corpus Christi Alumni, we need to know what you would like to know about that group, such as their name and phone number, gift summary, etc. Write down the format you would like the Information to be in. For example, the name Bill Meyer can be in several formats: Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer
Mr. Bill Meyer
William Meyer
William and Mary
Bill and Mary Meyer

Give us a brief example of what you expect to see.

Exclude the following – Please list any group or type of info you do NOT want in this report. For example, if you are mailing an invitation for an event, you want to exclude deceased. If you want a list of people to call to solicit gifts, you want to exclude those who do not want to be solicited or called by circling do not solicit and do not call. In the Other section, clarify your request (if needed), and list any other types you do not want included.

How would you like the Info sent to you? - Self-explanatory. Also, if the Information should be sent to someone other than the requestor, please note who it should be sent to (including the person’s name, address & phone).

Additional information: You can never give us too much information. List here anything else you can think of that will help us process your request.