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Islander faces cancer diagnosis while six-months pregnant

February 21, 2012

Six months into her pregnancy, Jennifer Baker’s doctor discovered a suspicious mass. By May of 2011, Baker was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"When we first found out about it, we had 15 minutes of "poor me's" and breakdowns, and she called me back about 10 minutes after we got off the phone with each other and she was like ‘here's what we are going do and we've done it,’” says husband Larry Baker.

Jennifer Baker had to get a plan. Not only is she the Director of Athletic Academic Services, but she was already a mother of two.

"Even though I was pregnant at the time of my diagnosis, my treatment regime was the standard protocol that they follow with any breast cancer patient.  I started out with four treatments of a chemotherapy treatment that I received once every three weeks.  Following that, I had 12 weeks of another chemotherapy treatment called Taxol. Following that, I had a total mastectomy of the left breast to remove the cancerous mass and I'm currently undergoing radiation treatments" says Jennifer Baker.

“She's been amazing through the whole thing and she's helped me out through a whole lot of things, too.  She hasn't counted on me, but we've counted on each other. She is tremendously strong and anybody that knows her knows that.  I wish I had half the strength she does - it's unbelievable" said Larry Baker.

Her coworkers at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi supported her from the first day until now. But, it was Baker who inspired them.

"Since Jennifer's diagnosis her outlook on life and work, I would say that it really hasn't changed at all she kept working just as hard if not harder than she was before and you would have never known that anything was ever wrong" said Kayleigh McCauley, Senior Scholastic Coordinator.

Baker says her number one message would be that it's all about attitude and a support system.

“No way do I believe that my treatments would have been as successful as they are if it hadn't been for all of the support that I received, not only from my doctors and my family, but from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and every one that I work with,” said Jennifer Baker.

She says over the last ten months, all of the support from friends, family and coworkers played a big part in her recovery.

“Every little bit counts, whether it's a prayer or a kind word - it all matters a great deal" said Jennifer Baker.

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