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University Recognizes Newly-Promoted and Tenured Faculty

August 27, 2012

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Twelve professors at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi were recognized as newly-promoted and tenured faculty during a reception held on Friday, Aug. 24, at the Harte Research Institute Conference Center.

They were:

Dr. Eugene Bland, Dr. Randy Bonnette, Dr. Randall Bowden, Dr. Jose Flores, Dr. Yolanda Keys, Dr. J. Matthew McClung, Dr. Laura Munoz, Dr. Joshua Ozymy, Dr. Karen Paciotti, Dr. Sandrine Sanos, Dr. Delbert Smee, and Dr. Blair Sterba-Boatwright

University President Flavius Killebrew, Provost Christopher Markwood, and deans from each of the colleges spoke on the success and accomplishments of the recognized faculty during the reception.

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