Students Get Lesson In Capturing Coffee Drinkers

Published: February 20, 2013

Students Get Lesson In Capturing Coffee Drinkers

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – David Bendett, the owner of the locally known coffee shop in Port Aransas, Coffee Waves, was a guest speaker in Dr. Blanco’s Retail Management class, on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

Bendett enthusiastically spoke of how he got started in the coffee business and how he captured the coffee drinkers of Port Aransas, “It is much better to make $75,000 doing something that you love, versus making half a million doing something you hate.”

Bendett owns one of the Coffee Waves chain of coffee shops trailing through Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, with two Corpus Christi locations; one in the downtown area, and one on Alameda Street. He is currently in the process of opening up a new location in Flour Bluff.  Coffee Waves offers an assortment of coffee, tea, grab-and-go snacks, and gelato. 

The quintessential coffee shop houses large plush couches, chairs, and free Wi-Fi, all for the enjoyment of the customer.

“We wanted to create an environment where you want to relax and stay a while,” said Bendett.  

Each semester Dr. Blanco alternates between bringing in business-oriented guest speakers and taking the class on field trips to local businesses. He strives to introduce his students to the real world.

“The differentiation that David spoke of, proved to us as students that a niche market is an attractive tool and is great for beginning a business,” said Raymond Harbert, a senior communication major.