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Professor Edward Tyndall Wins Awards for ‘Reconvergence’ Film

February 18, 2013


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Edward Tyndall, Assistant Professor of Media Production, recently won two awards for his film “Reconvergence” which debuted May 2012 in Baltimore, Md.

The film won the “Excellence in Filmmaking Award” at the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and the “Goujon Callie Award for Best Documentary” at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival.

“Reconvergence” explores history, memory, consciousness and the changes of the world through technological advances. The film features the lives and views of four characters: a naturalist, a scientist, a historian and a poet.

While interviewing the main characters, who all very differ from one another, Tyndall realized a common theme in each of their perspectives. “They were all trying to find meaning, by either looking to the future or looking into the past,” he said. “I think because they are all looking for the same thing, and asking questions about life and death, they kind of fit together despite their differences.”

These questions about life are what ultimately helped to shape the film. After premiering at the Maryland Film Festival where the film was hailed as “An epic rumination on the nature of modern human existence,” the film, received great reception from various audiences across the United States.

“Reconvergence,” which is still screening, was selected for the Goujon Callie Award and the Indie Memphis Award by a panel of screeners and a jury from each festival.

“Reconvergence” will be released on DVD by Mobius Films. To watch the trailer go to http://www.reconvergencethefilm.com.

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