Headline for Featured Item #1 ‘Avenue Q’ Rehearsals Begin with Workshop Hosted by Professional Puppeteer Kevin Noonchester - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
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‘Avenue Q’ Rehearsals Begin with Workshop Hosted by Professional Puppeteer Kevin Noonchester

March 25, 2013

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Puppet Workshop Avenue Q

The Department of Theatre and Dance at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi invited Puppeteer Kevin Noonchester to host a week-long workshop to help the students cast in the musical “Avenue Q” perfect their puppet skills before the University production which runs from Tuesday, April16, through Sunday, April 21. A total of 90 students auditioned for “Avenue Q” and 19 were cast.

“Avenue Q,” which won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2003, revolves around characters who are dealing with life after college.  The show stands out from other contemporary musicals because it incorporates both human and puppet characters to explore the theme of “finding your purpose” in life after realizing you aren’t any more “special” than the other people in your neighborhood. “Avenue Q” is a puppet musical that is perfect for an audience of college students, but is not appropriate for children.  The play contains profanity and mature themes.

During rehearsals, Noonchester taught the actors how to be expert puppeteers by teaching them to bring life into the puppets. The puppets do not move until the actor does; therefore, the actor is in total control. Noonchester’s relaxed teaching style allowed the students to practice puppeteering in a fun environment.  

 “It is understood that musical theatre performers have to be “triple threats” – they have to sing dance and act,” Associate Professor of Theatre, Kelly Russell said. ‘Avenue Q’ is a fantastic training vehicle and it’s a wonderful challenge!”

The three hour rehearsals consist of exercises to help the actors become one with the puppets. Precise hand movements along with breathing, gestures, expressions, voice and diction bring the puppets to life. Noonchester is a professional actor and puppeteer who was involved in the New York and Las Vegas productions of “Avenue Q.” For more information go to http://cla.tamucc.edu/theatre/productions/2013/avenue.html


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