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Department of Music Hosts Award-Winning Indian Classical Musicians

April 11, 2013

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Department of Music and the Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission sponsored a performance of award-winning Indian classical music artists Indrajit Banerjee and Gauri Shankar held on Tuesday, April 9, at the Performing Arts Center.

During the “Strings Around the World: the Sitar and North Indian Classical Music” performance, guests enjoyed the sounds of Banerjee, one of the most accomplished Hindustani Classical music artists. Banerjee played his sitar, a plucked stringed instrument widely popular in India. He was accompanied by Gauri Shankar, a leading Indian artist of the present generation, who played the tabla, a set of drum-like instruments.

Both Banerjee and Shankar currently teach aspiring music artists at institutions in the United States such as Rhythm and Raag in Chicago, Ill., and the School of Indian Percussion and Music in Austin, Texas. The duo will continue to tour both together, and separately, at a variety of musical festivals across the world.

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