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‘Parade of Nations’ Showcases Dances, Live Music Representing Countries from Around the World

April 09, 2013

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The campus and city communities came together for an evening of entertainment and education at the fifth annual “Parade of Nations” held Monday, April 8, in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Performances representing countries from around the world were showcased at the free event that brought in a crowd of more than 350 to the PAC. 

Live music and traditional dances were performed in colorful costumes from native countries. The diverse line-up included performances representing Mexico, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Middle East.

Participating organizations included a dance class taught by Jilissa Cotten, Instructor of Dance; Grupo Folklórico Cultura y Danza; the Chinese Student Association; India Student Association; Middle Eastern Dance Club; Saudi Student Association; and the Vietnamese Student Association.

Prior to the program, students shared information about their cultures in the lobby. And, Cotten’s class gave an outdoor performance of the Maenads’ Worship Dance from the Greek play “Bacchae.” Food representing the various countries was served. 

The Parade of Nations, which is sponsored by the Office of International Education, gives international students and organizations on campus the opportunity to display their culture, mission, and vision through performances.


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