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Cyber Security Camp Sparks Interest in Science Careers

June 13, 2013

Cyber Security Camp

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas- When it comes to fighting the war that is waged online, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is on the front lines.  Recently accredited by the National Security Agency to train students for high-paying cyber security jobs, this summer the University is hosting three cyber-security camps for high school students and teachers.  The camps are broken into intermediate and advanced levels. 

“This camp is a great way to expand your knowledge of computer security,” said Emily Segler, a junior from Ray High School, and a member of her school’s cyber-defense team.  “I plan on attending the University after I graduate and majoring in a related field.”

Steve Alves, Instructor of Computer Sciences, oversees the classes during the camp.  Having many years of experience in computer forensics, he says he strives to make the camp fun and hands on for all those that attend. 

“Most people do not realize the importance of cyber security, so the camp is a great way to educate students and teachers,” said Alves. 

The Island University’s computer science program focuses on research and development in all aspects of information security and represent a response to this fast growing, national need. President Obama states in his Cyber-security Legislative Proposal that "cyber-threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation."   This camp helps the University meet that challenge by getting high school students interested in furthering their education in the cyber-security field and preparing them to fill these high paying jobs.

The current class started Monday, June 10 and goes through Friday, June 14.   Other sessions for intermediate and advanced students will be held in July and August.   Students who attend the camps can expect to further their knowledge of computer forensics and cyber-security.

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