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Article by Two University Professors Ranked No. 10 on Top 25 Most Downloaded Articles by ScienceDirect

September 02, 2013

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – An article by Dr. Michael Wetz, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology, and Dr. David Yoskowitz, Professor and Harte Research Institute Chair, at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has been ranked No. 10 on ScienceDirect’s Top 25 Hottest Articles from April to June 2013 for its journal “Marine Pollution Bulletin.”

The article titled “An ‘Extreme’ Future for Estuaries? Effects of Extreme Climatic Events on Estuarine Water Quality and Ecology” was published in the April 2013 issue of “Marine Pollution Bulletin,” a journal that focuses on the rational use of maritime and marine resources in estuaries, the seas and oceans, as well as with documenting marine pollution.

The article highlights the positive and negative effects of floods, droughts, heat waves, and tropical cyclones (all considered “extreme climate events”) on estuarine water quality and essential benefits that estuaries provide to man.  This information will prove critical to scientists and resource agencies tasked with managing vital coastal resources such as estuaries, as recent observations and climate models suggest that these extreme climate events are likely to become an ever more important component of the global climate system due to accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Click HERE to read the article.

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