The Island University Shows Patriotism at ‘Constitution Day’ Celebration

Published: September 17, 2013

The Island University Shows Patriotism at ‘Constitution Day’ Celebration

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas- Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the University’s “Constitution Day” Celebration held on Tuesday, Sept. 17, in the Special Archive Section of the Mary and Jeff Library. 

Special guest State Rep. Abel Herrero spoke to attendees about the importance liberties in the constitution and education in our country. University President Flavius Killebrew and Dr. Anthony Quiroz, Professor of History, also spoke during the program. 

“The Constitution proves that with individual work and determination, anything is possible in America,” said Herrero.  “I would not be able to stand before you today without my freedoms and public education.”

Following the speech, guests were invited to attend a discussion panel of international and domestic students about the Constitution while comparing it to other governing documents. 

“This event sends a message of patriotism and shows the community that University students are learning about our liberties,” said Evan Paret, Student Government Association President. 

Volunteers from the Student Government Association and Island Waves handed out free T-shirts and pocket constitutions for attendees to take with them. Throughout the week, the Mary and Jeff Bell Library will have a Constitution display for students and community guests to observe during regular Library hours.