Co-Host of ‘The View’ Sherri Shepherd Shares Her Story of Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Published: October 04, 2013

Co-Host of ‘The View’ Sherri Shepherd Shares Her Story of Living with Type 2 Diabetes

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Sherri Shepherd, Comedienne, Actress, and Co-Host of the award-winning daytime show “The View,” enlightened the Performing Arts Center audience on the healthful lifestyle changes she made to control her diabetes during her talk at the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Distinguished Speaker Series held on Friday, Oct. 4.

Only days before she debuted on the Emmy Award-Winning daytime television show, “The View,” doctors diagnosed Shepherd with Type 2 diabetes, the same disease that took her mother’s life. Shepherd says getting the diagnosis was a wake-up call to change her life or face leaving her son without a mother.

“My mother has diabetes,” said Marcus Garcia, a sophomore nursing student at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. “I am very concerned about her health. I want to hear how Sherri Shepherd copes with diabetes, so that I can better understand my mother.”

With the help of her doctors, Shepherd lost more than 40 pounds, and made healthful lifestyle changes to bring her diabetes under control. She even showed off her new figure by participating in the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Shepherd wrote about her journey to “beat” diabetes in her book “Plan D.” She also wrote about the cultural barriers behind the widespread disease, saying she was raised by a “tribe of peg legs.” Shepherd says that growing up, she saw many friends and family members who had amputations as a result of their diabetes.

She explains what she had to do to get ahead of the denial that led to her mother’s death, at age 41, from “the sugar.” Shepherd is never shy about admitting that controlling her diabetes is an ongoing struggle. She shares her experiences out of concern over the alarming rate at which Americans are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 

“I feel like Sherri Shepherd is an influential speaker on this serious disease,” said Rev. Tomasita Zuniga of the Lord is Peace Worship Center in Corpus Christi. “I look for any avenues to help learn more and control my own diabetes.”

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At the close of the program, Astrophysicist and Science Communicator Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson was announced as the next Distinguished Speaker for March 27, 2014.

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