Headline for Featured Item #1 Cadet Forum Speaker Encourages Future Leaders in ROTC - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
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Cadet Forum Speaker Encourages Future Leaders in ROTC

November 15, 2013

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ROTC Cadet Forum

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas- The ROTC Islander Battalion at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted its Cadet Leadership Forum on Thursday, Nov. 14, for this fall semester.

“Our goal is to instill leadership skills into our soldiers,” said Maj.  Royal Atwood, Executive Officer. “What better way for an individual to learn about how to become a good leader than to hear it from an actual community leader.”

The forum guest speaker was Ret. Naval Commander Armando Solis, Senior Naval Science Instructor for the Flour Bluff Naval Junior ROTC program (NJROTC). After meeting with every cadet in attendance, he began by speaking of his early career and the trials he went through to gain success. This early success has translated into his current position at Flour Bluff High School after 17 Texas NJROTC championships and 11 national championships.

“All of you here today are the next generation of leaders,” said Solis. “Not only are you receiving a college education, but you are amongst great mentors.”

The cadet forum, which takes place every semester, is held by the Department of Military Science - ROTC Islander Battalion. The hope for this forum is to inspire cadets in their current and feature leadership positions in the military and their surrounding communities so they can better face tomorrow’s challenges.

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