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Island University Receives Funding to Investigate Poor Water Quality in Nueces River

December 04, 2013

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Center for Water Supply Studies (CWSS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi recently secured a $3,000 grant from LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest plastics, chemicals, and fuels companies. The grant money will help support the CWSS project to determine the source of poor water quality coming from the aquifers beneath the Nueces River.

Dr. Frank Pezold, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, was presented with a check from Randal Tatum of LyondellBasell during a ceremony held on Friday, Nov. 22.

Rick Hay, Assistant Director of the CWSS and Dr. Dorina Murgulet, Assistant Professor of Geology, will lead the investigation. The river is the primary source of drinking water for Corpus Christi and many of its surrounding areas.

“High concentrations of dissolved solids in our source water impact both residential and industrial users,” said Hay. “Additionally, certain dissolved solids combine with disinfectants during the treatment process to create by-products that are unhealthy for consumption.”

The funding will be used to train Texas A&M-Corpus Christi students on how to conduct water quality measurements and collect water samples using specialized equipment. The project, which will last 11 months, will help researchers identify the source of the poor water quality and begin efforts to improve the communities’ drinking water supply.

“Identifying the source, both location and magnitude of the higher concentrations of dissolved solids, will give our community a point of focus for managing water quality in our water supply,” said Hay.

The CWSS at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi was established in 1991 to address water resource issues in South Texas by conducting relevant research, communicating information via partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies. The CWSS evaluates resource management strategies that impact water quality/quantity in reservoirs, rivers, bays, and aquifers.

LyondellBasell produces products such as lightweight plastics, fresh food packaging, construction materials, automotive components, and biofuels. The company supports efforts to fight hunger; provide clean water to all people; promote water conservation and literacy training, and enhance job skills.

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