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First-Year Students Showcase Research Projects Focused on Real World Issues

December 06, 2013

1st Year Celebration

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Nearly 2,000 first-year students gathered to showcase their research projects focusing on real world issues during the “First-Year Celebration” held December 4-5 in the Island Hall Gym.

A variety of projects were displayed at the two-day event that included topics such as environmental sustainability, the anti-slavery movement, immigration, innovative technology, anti- and pro-abortion laws, and the dangers of living an unhealthy lifestyle.

“The program is very informative for first-year students,” said Emily Castaneda, a student who works with the First-Year Program and has completed the program. “It is a growing process and prepares the students for what is to come in their college career.”

The students presented in several different multimedia formats such as poster display boards and PowerPoint presentations. They also answered questions on their projects, showing what they learned from their research.

“It’s great that we had the choice of researching something that catches our interests and care to learn more about,” said Kailyn Hartley, a freshman marketing and communication major. “Picking our own subject really helps us in getting fully involved in the project.”

The University’s First-Year Learning Communities Program (FYLCP) is an innovative nationally-recognized program which helps students to make successful academic and social transitions from high school to the University. The program has been awarded a Texas Higher Education Star Award by the Texas Higher Education Board. The FYLCP was the only first-year student program to win a Star Award.  The University was also selected as one of 13 "Institutions of Excellence in the First College Year" by the Brevard College Policy Center on the First-Year of College.

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