English Department Recognizes Outstanding Literary Works at Haas Writing Awards

Published: March 06, 2014

English Department Recognizes Outstanding Literary Works at Haas Writing Awards

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas– The Department of English at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi recognized outstanding literary works written by undergraduate and graduate students at the Haas Writing Awards event held on February 27 in Island Hall. Each student winner received a certificate of achievement and a small stipend.

The Paul and Frances Haas Endowment allows the department to celebrate the art of writing in all forms—essay writing, literary analysis, textual studies, research, fiction, technical and professional works, linguistics, and rhetoric.

Professors submit outstanding papers written in their courses, and anonymous judges read at rate submissions for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  places in the following categories: 1301, 1302, 2000, 3000, 4000 literature, 4000 rhetoric and composition/ linguistics, creative writing, services learning, and technical and professional writing.

 “The reception is important for the students, their families, and the community because effective writing is necessary in all social settings, in professional workplaces, and in civic organizations,” said Dr. Diana Cardenas, Associate Professor of English. “The reception reinforces our identity as members of a large social and intellectual framework.”

The winners were as follows:

English 1301

1st place: The Expectations of Discourse Communities and How They Relate to Technology

Written by Nickolas Mundo

2nd place: Discourse Ethnography: High School Basketball

Written by Jacqueline Treat 

3rd place: Media as a Dominant Influence in Professional Sports

Written by Symphony Ovalles


English 1302
1st place: Literature Review of the Portuguese Man-of-War

Written by Alexis Ybanez, Sabrina Morales, Stacey McCormick, Morooj Alharbi, and Valerie Sanchez

2nd place:  Slick and Sly Advances: The Obesity Epidemic as Affected by Advertising

Written by Rebecca A. Gonzalez

3rd place: The Fog of War

Written by Justin Orgeron                                                                                                                          


English 2000

1st place: Self Murder in Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” 

 Written by Ricardo Galvan

2nd place: A Poetry Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Written by Andrea Zelaya

3rd place: Synthesis Website Project: The Hunger Games- A Literary Journey from Innocence to Experience 

Written by Amanda Espericueta and Angela Martinez 


English 3000

1st place: Free-Will in Paradise Lost

Written by Ricardo Galvan

2nd place: Someone to Hate: A Literary Analysis of The Realm of Possibility

Written by Elizabeth Sheri Bouse

3rd place: Linguistic Discrimination in Los Angeles, California: A Mirroring of the Classroom Segregation Problem in the State of Arizona

Written by Andrea Zelaya                                                                                                                            


English 4000 (Literature)

1st place: Delany & Garvey: The Influences of White Ideologies on Black Nationalism

Written by Jordan Smith

2nd place: Victorian Women: Reappropriating the Fire in the Hearth as a Symbol of Female Empowerment

Written by Jordan Smith

3rd place: The Taming of the Shrew: Playing the Part of the Lady Wife

Written by Kaitlin Hibbs


English 4000 (Rhetoric and Linguistics)

1st place: Military Migrations’ Impact on Family: An Immigrant Connection

Written by Kim Galloway

2nd place: The Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate

Written by Joann M. Coronado

3rd place: Internet Regulation: Essential or Destructive?

Written by Kathleen Carter


Technical/Professional Writing

1st place: Coastal Bend Bays Foundation: Cole and Ropes Parks Implementation Program (CARP) Educational Public Outreach Program

Written by Elizabeth Sherri Bouse, Sarah Lester, and Sarah Boxwell

2nd place: Visual Skills of Athletes vs. Non-athletes

Written by Renae Hudak       

3rd place: Possible Treatments of Zombie Bites

Written by Cassie Downs, Catey Brockway, Sara Barrera, and Christie Herrington   


Creative Writing

1st place: “Stuck in the Mud”

Written by Elizabeth Sheri Bouse

2nd place: “Worthy Connections”

Written by Lia Schuermann

3rd place: “Father”

Written by Andrew Spence


Service Learning

1st place: Veteran Resource Center at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Written by Tracy Ramirez

2nd place: Report on Survey of Dugan Wellness Center at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Written by Morgan Theiler and Collin Swisher

3rd place:  Sustainment of Metro Ministries

Written by Allan Roberts and Phillip Hartley   


Grad Rhetoric

1st place: A Genre Analysis of Instructor Feedback on First-Year Composition Students: A Self Study

Written by Tasha Aschmutat and Professor: Dr. Stephen Doolan

2nd place: Ancient Rhetoric Today’s Rhetoric: Rhetoric across Mediums

Written by Anna M. Villarreal Auesnel and Professor: Dr. Susan Garza

3rd place: Evidence of Theory and Pedagogy in Praxis: Humanism and Rhetoric in Technical Writing

Written by Clarissa Reeves with Professor: Dr. Diana Cardenas


Grad Lit

1st place: Unnatural Maternity in The Secret Agent

Tasha Ashmutatt with Professor: Dr. Joshua Epstein

2nd place: Death in Post-War Speculative Fiction

Daniel Davis with Professor: Dr. Sharon Talley

3rd place: Hath Not a Christian/Jew: Shylock and the Binary Oppositions in The Merchant of Venice

Written by Holly Corkill with Professor: Dr. Catherine Cox