International Students Display Culture through Performances during Sixth Annual Parade of Nations Celebration

April 08, 2014

Parade of Nations

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Students representing Colombia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, and Mexico performed a variety of songs and dances in festive costumes from their native countries during the Parade of Nations held Monday, April 7, in the Performing Arts Center.

The sixth annual Parade of Nations gave international students and organizations on campus the opportunity to display their culture, mission, and vision through dance and music.

The event, sponsored by the Office of International Education, brought the campus and city communities together for a night of entertainment and education.

“We began the Parade of Nations tradition in 2009,” said Ana Billeaux, Director of International Education. “We were looking for ways to give the international students opportunities to share their culture and traditions with us. Having students perform traditional or popular songs and dances from their countries was a great way to do this.”

Performers included the Middle Eastern Dance Club, the Saudi Student Association, the Vietnamese Student Association, and dance students of Jilissa Cotten, Assistant Professor of Dance.

“I love seeing the traditional performances every year,” said Arianne Anez, an international student from Bolivia. “It makes me feel a little closer to home.”

The event also featured tables set up by international students, displaying native artifacts, clothing, and souvenirs from their countries. A variety of foods from various countries was served as well.