Honors Ball Ceremony Recognizes Outstanding Students, Faculty, and Staff

Published: May 12, 2014

Honors Ball Ceremony Recognizes Outstanding Students, Faculty, and Staff

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students, faculty, and staff were recognized for their academic and professional accomplishments during an Honors Ball held April 5 in the University Center, Lone Star Ballrooms.

The elegant red carpet affair was hosted by the Honors Program. During the ceremony, seven students were presented with their Honors Program graduate medallions. The students received the medallions for completing 21 honors hours and a “Project of Excellence” senior thesis. Students must also maintain at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average.

Graduating students presented the following theses:

  • Kathleen Carter, biology and English major: “Presence of Pesticides in Honey Samples of the Texas Coastal Bend.” Faculty mentor is Dr. Mark Olson.
  • Alex Draper, biology major:  “Effect of Transient Versus Residential Predator Cues on Inducible Defenses of the Eastern Oyster Crassostrea Virginica.” Faculty mentor is Dr. Lee Smee.
  • James Nicholas Hunt, biology major:  “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.” Faculty mentor is Dr. Terry Lewis.
  • Abigail Johnson, biology major: “Analysis of Growth and Photosynthetic Characteristics to Determine Potential Growing Season Extension of Helianthus Due to Global Warming.” Faculty mentor is Dr. David Grise.
  • Marco Messina, chemistry and philosophy major:  “The Development of Light Switchable Smart Detergents for the Controlled Uptake and Release of Petroleum Products from the Environment.” Faculty mentor is Dr. Mark Olson. 
  • Cori Speights, biology major:  “Relative Importance of Clonal and Sexual Reproduction for Black Mangrove Expansion.” Faculty mentor is Dr. David Grise.
  • Bethany Wallace, biology major: “Suppression of Feeding Induce by Ink/Opaline Exposure in Aplysia californica: Role of Ink/Opaline Concentration and Duration of Ink/Opaline Exposure.” Faculty mentor is Dr. Ricardo Mozzachiodi.

The top two student award winners were: 

  • Rising Star Student Leader Award: Christina Boothe, marketing major
  • Outstanding Student Award: Kathleen KC Carter, a biology and English major

The top three faculty and staff winners were:

  • Outstanding Mentor Award: Dr. Gregory Buck, Associate Professor in the Department of Life Sciences
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Mark Olson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Outstanding Service to Honors Award: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Parents’ Council