Student-Athletes Pour Ice Water on Coaches, University Vice President as Part of Women’s Cancers Fundraising Challenge

July 17, 2014


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Islanders women's basketball student-athletes of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi poured coolers full of blue and green ice water over their coaches as part of the Kay Yow #Chillin4Charity event held today (Thursday, July 17) on the University Beach.

The four Islanders women’s basketball coaches, along with Dr. Trent Hill, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, sat on chairs along the shoreline of the campus beach. Each said their name, that they were challenged, and who they were challenging next (Dr. Baker Pattillo, President at Stephen F. Austin State University). Then, one-at-a-time, the players dumped ice water on all five individuals. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi President/CEO Flavius Killebrew was challenged earlier this month by Dr. Steven Tallant, President of Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

The #Chillin4Charity Challenge helps raise funds for the Kay Yow Foundation, which has collected more than $8 million for research on women’s cancers since it was started in 2007.

As part of #Chillin4Charity, a coach challenges another coach to an ice bath and posts a video of the event on YouTube. If the coach accepts, the organization donates $50 to the Kay Yow Fund, and the coach can then challenge someone else. If the challenged coach declines, he has to pay $250 to the fund.