College of Education Honors Graduates with Hooding Ceremony held Aug. 8

Published: August 15, 2014

College of Education Honors Graduates with Hooding Ceremony held Aug. 8

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A total of 20 students in the College of Education at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi were recognized for their achievements in earning their master’s or doctoral degrees during a hooding ceremony held Friday, Aug. 8, in the University Center, Lone Star Ballrooms.

Historically, scholars in some higher education settings wore robes as a daily uniform. They wore hoods with these robes for warmth. Over time, the size, shape, and lining of the hood came to signify a scholar’s academic rank. The ceremonial hooding of scholars became a tradition that continues to this day.

By placing the hood over the students’ heads, professors symbolically welcome them as fellow scholars. Today, the hood’s colors represent a graduate’s university and major. The length of the hood relates to rank: the longer hoods of doctoral students represent their additional years of scholarship. The hooding ceremony has been a favorite tradition in the College of Education since 2002. The ceremony is also a chance for students to recognize the family, friends, and educators whose support helped make their graduation possible.

The hooding recipients for the hooding are as follows:

Master’s Degree Recipients: Margaret LaMantia, Crystal Lea Henke, Hanna Brooks, Kristine Wilson, Ashley Wiggins, Sarah Kelley, Alicia Vanessa Barrera, Margarite Juarez, Adriana Dyurich (Roberts), Connie Tierney, Elizabeth D. Leal, L. Gayle Nelson, Keisy Martinez Martinez, Dallas Coder, and Loren Watts.

Ph.D. Recipients: Frances Lenore Gonzalez-Garcia, Jeannette Elliott, Rita Annette Sperry, and Pamela Smith.

Ed.D. Recipient: Jesse G. Riojas.