ROTC Islander Battalion Airsoft Team Hosts Tactical Practice

Published: October 02, 2014

ROTC Islander Battalion Airsoft Team Hosts Tactical Practice

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas –Members of the ROTC Islander Battalion at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi participated in their first-ever tactical airsoft practice on Saturday, Sept. 27, in the wooded area surrounding the dry lake and river, located next to the river at the Momentum Campus.

“This event gave us an opportunity to get the community involved with the ROTC program,” said Daniel Savana, an ROTC Islander Battalion cadet who helped organize the event. “It was also a chance to get out in the field and have some fun.”

Airsoft has similarities to paintball, but involves plastic-type pellets instead of paint. This airsoft team and the upcoming exercises will be an opportunity for ROTC students to practice some training elements, have fun, and interact with community members who also participate in Airsoft.

The ROTC Islander Battalion worked with the University Police Department and other campus safety officials to plan for things such as buffer zones, a sign alerting the public that this is an exercise and supplying guns which have orange tips to show that they were play style weapons.