Department of Kinesiology Faculty Featured in Journal of Sport Behavior for Article on Health-Related Fitness of Students

October 15, 2014

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi co-authored the article “Health-Related Fitness of Undergraduate Kinesiology Students” along with Ph.D. student, Paul Saville, from McMaster University in Canada. The article was recently published in the “Journal of Sport Behavior,” Issue 37.

The purpose of the article, co-authored by Dr. Frank Spaniol, Dr. Randy Bonnette, Dr. Don Melrose, and Lindsey Jarrett, was to investigate health-related fitness (HRF) of 227 undergraduate kinesiology students to the contemporary recommended guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine. Ninety-eight women and 129 men completed five HRF test covering four areas of fitness. One sample of tests was used to compare the students’ HRF scores to age-adjusted, gender-specific criteria standards reflecting fair or average values.

Both women and men performed significantly better than recommended standards in the areas of flexibility and muscular endurance. Researchers also found that both have significantly poorer body composition. Other subjects, such as cardiorespiratory endurance, were also discussed in the article.