Department of Theatre and Dance Presents ‘Move Your Mass’ at ‘Island Dance Demo’

Published: December 08, 2014

Department of Theatre and Dance Presents ‘Move Your Mass’ at ‘Island Dance Demo’

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Dance students performed pieces that represent mass population movement throughout our history and in nature during the fall Island Dance Demo on Tuesday, Dec. 2, in the Performing Arts Center. The event, hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, was a collage of imaginative dances combined with elements of lighting and musical effects.

The theme for this year’s performance was “Move Your Mass.”  The Island Dance Demo series is showcased every semester by students in the University dance courses taught by Jilissa Cotten, Assistant Professor of Dance.

“This is a dance concert about mass population movements and the history of our world; the experiences we go through when mass movements of people or animals occur,” said Cotten.

A few dances in this year’s program were inspired by foster care and the Orphan Train Riders movement that features a mass movement of young children riding on the top of trains from Central America that cross the border into South Texas. Several other mass movements in this program featured the tragedy and horror of the Holocaust, the ebb and flow of rush hour, the Trail of Tears, which is the 1838 forced migration of the Cherokee Indians, and the movement of the Black Plague.

Students from the technique classes performed a representation of what was learned throughout the semester and choreographers from Dance Composition I and II presented their works.

“At this year’s Dance Demo, the audience saw variety of dance pieces, each entertaining in their own way that will leave the audience hungry for more” said Dylan Walker, student performer.