College of Education Celebrates Accomplishments of Graduating Students during Hooding Ceremony

Published: December 17, 2014

College of Education Celebrates Accomplishments of Graduating Students during Hooding Ceremony

A total of 71 students in the College of Education at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi were recognized for their  achievements in earning their master’s or doctoral degrees during a Hooding Ceremony held on Friday, Dec. 12, at the Island Hall Gym.

Historically, scholars in some higher education settings wore robes as a daily uniform. They wore hoods with these robes for warmth. Over time, the size, shape, and lining of the hood came to signify a scholar’s academic rank. The ceremonial hooding of scholars became a tradition that continues to this day.

After a welcome address, each student was individually called to the stage where he or she read brief passages. Two professors of the student’s choice stood on either side of the student and placed the hood over his or her head. By placing the hood over the students’ heads, professors symbolically welcome them as fellow scholars. Today, the hood’s colors represent a graduate’s university and major. The length of the hood relates to rank: the longer hoods of doctoral students represent their additional years of scholarship.  The hooding ceremony has been a favorite tradition in the College of Education since 2002.

The hooding recipients were:  

Master’s Degree in Counseling: Kimberly Beck, Ashley Marie Carey, Barbara Cruz, Nathaniel Foote, Victor E. Garcia, Clarissa Garza, Jamie Hernandez, Marsha Hutchens, Jesusa Elena Jasso, Hyun Suk Kwon, Lynne Piland, Tiffany Rodriguez, Marisa Solis, Christopher Wren

Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction: Darryl Donaldson, Claudia B. Garcia, Olivia Hemmert, Kimberly Loredo, Rebecca Torres, Michelle Wells

Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education: Patricia Love, Ting Zhang, Di Zhao

Master’s Degree in Educational Administration: Rene Chavez, Stephanie Contreras, Alicia Garza, Stevie-Rae Garza, Margarita Gonzalez-Lopez, Evon Kelly, Angela M. Mauck, Marco Medina, Clarissa Lynn Moreno, Robert Nairn, Huong Thi Pham,Roland Quintero, Velma San Miguel, Vanessa E. Vela-Delgado

Master’s Degree in Elementary Education: Chelsea Elizabeth Cron, Elizabeth Anne Lienau, Leslie McCaskey, Megan Michelle Pitre, Jannelle Reed, Alexandra Robinson, Jennifer Geneser Thompson

Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology: Lynna Casiano Semidey, Gilbert Reyna, Tomas Salinas, Clifford Scroggs

Master’s Degree in Kinesiology: Dara Dalton, Tyler Vernon, Brian Warren

Master’s Degree in Reading: James Edmondson

Master’s Degree in Secondary Education: Kala Essay, Jordan Marshall, Marc Andrew Martinez, Matthew Richard Meinheit, Justin Thomas Milner

Master’s Degree in Special Education: Carissa Calderon, Denise Cervantez, Lory Ann Gonzalez, Cheryl Devlyn Ward

Doctoral Degree in Counseling: Michelle Duran, Diane Herrero

Doctoral Degree in Curriculum & Instruction:  Christina Beard

Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership: Fernando Cortez, Edna Laura Delgado, Kayleigh McCauley, Angela Portis-Woodson, Javier Trevino, Laurie Turner, Mary Williams