The English Department Recognizes 2015 Haas Award Winners

Published: March 23, 2015

The English Department Recognizes 2015 Haas Award Winners

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Department of English at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi recognized outstanding papers, projects, or online works written by undergraduate and graduate students during the Haas Writing Awards event held on February 26.

The Paul and Frances Haas Endowment allows the department to celebrate the art of writing in all forms—essay writing, literary analysis, textual studies, research, fiction, technical and professional works, linguistics, and rhetoric.

Professors submit outstanding papers written in their courses, and anonymous judges read and rank submissions for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  places in the following categories: 1301, 1302, 2000, 3000, 4000 literature, 4000 rhetoric and composition/ linguistics, creative writing, services learning, and technical and professional writing.

 “The reception is important for the students, their families, and the community because effective writing is necessary in all social settings, in professional workplaces, and in civic organizations,” said Dr. Diana Cardenas, Associate Professor of English. “The reception reinforces our identity as members of a large social and intellectual framework.”

The winners were as follows:


1st place: Jose Juncal: Emotions in Writing

2nd place: Elizabeth Fedorova: Nursing as a Discourse Community               

3rd place: Hayleigh Moor: Saving Bastrop, Texas: A Personal Narrative on Nature

English 1302

1st place:  Savannah Wilkinson, Angelica Arambula, Kara Herrera, and Maddie Warren: The Effect of Food Availability on Foraging of the Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) on Ward Island, Texas            

2nd place: Anthony Jaramillo, Miranda Garcia, Torin Havelka, and Francis Maldonado:               

Bioturbation and the Effects Fiddler Crabs (Uca) Have on Aeration of Soil and Plant Life

3rd place: Nicole Vasconcellos: The Media Versus a Woman's Body Image                                                           

English 2000

1st place: Giselle Roberts: The Cruelty of Tradition  

2nd place: Alexis Areola: Building a Heaven in Hell’s Despair                                            

3rd place: Alisha Cornejo and Morgan Brown: Museum of the Living Dead: Humanity Uncovered                      

 English 3000

1st place: Victoria Ramirez: A Scarce Line: A Study of John Donne’s Combination of the Religious and Erotic  

2nd place: John Cantu: The Honest Faces of the Stage: Analyzing Pirandello and Churchill

3rd place: Julie Wallace: MET-DEAF-WOW: A Sociolinguistic Study of American Sign Language

 English 4000

1st place: Ricardo R. Galvan: No Laughing Matter: A Freudian Analysis of The Dark Knight and Civilization

2nd place: Cheyenne Kauha: The Mirror of All His Audiences: Henry V

3rd place: Alexis Trevino: The Talented Mr. Ripley: Alternate Ending

 Technical/Professional Writing

1st place: Rene Zamora: Personal Website and Online Resume

2nd place: Matthew Whitehurst: Pipeline Safety and Inspection Powerpoint

3rd place: Sandra Hicks: Sun Safety in the Sparkling City by the Sea

Creative Writing

1st Place: Laurel Kanipe: “Amateur”

2nd Place: Tina Lentz: “Parents”

3rd Place: Emille Moreno: “Take a Breath and Imagine

Service Learning

1st place: Kaitlyn Willis: Recommendation Project for Borls Marine Electronics

2nd place: Kristen Kerger: Eagle Ford Shale

3rd place: Rene Zamora: SGA Website Recommendation Project

Graduate Rhetoric/Composition/Linguistics/Theory

1st place: Daniel Davis: Rhetoric as a Driving Force Behind Policy Enactment in the War on Drugs

2nd place: Teri Ruiz: Corpus Christi: A Site of Literacy

3rd place: Christina Hardegree: Protofeminist Ideology and Conduct Book Rhetoric

 Graduate Literature

1st place: Meghan R. Moon: “Wig on a Pyre”: Frankenstein, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and the Positive Abject

2nd place: Cristina Rhodes: “Not an apartment in back. Not man's house. Not a daddy's. A house all my own:” Patriarchal Space and the Defiance of the Shadow-Beast in Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street

3rd place: Kelsey Willems: Daniel Defoe’s Use of Animal and Social Identity in Robinson Crusoe