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Students Honored at College of Business Pre-Commencement Reception

May 18, 2015

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The College of Business held a pre-commencement reception to individually honor students receiving their undergraduate and master’s degrees this spring 2015. More than 30 students participated in the reception held on Friday, May 15, in the lobby of the Michael and Karen O’Connor Building.

The reception was the first of its kind that personally recognized graduates from the College of Business. Each student was presented with a small gift, and had the opportunity to take a photo with Dr. John Gamble, Dean of the College of Business. Following the announcement of each student’s name, students were invited to read a goal statement out loud to the audience.

Professors, staff, and family of the graduates were also invited to the reception, to celebrate in the students’ accomplishments.

 “I wish the graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors,” said Dean Gamble. “The dedication, discipline, and perseverance developed in the College of Business will allow them to achieve their aspirations for a rewarding career in business.”

Suzelle Beiler, a 1989 College of Business alumna, and Brother of Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, served as guest speaker.

College of Business students receiving their undergraduate degrees include: Angelica Acevedo, Philipp Baar, Maria Banuelos, Emily Barrera, Aaron Berlanga, Brice Bilbo, Cassandra Boring, Nicholas Brandt, Waylan Brannan, Roger Briones, Mia Cabrera, Meagan Callaway, Judith Castellanos, Samuel Clark, Travis Colley, Junnan Deng, Derek Drozd, Amanda Dunn, Xin Feng, Kasey Fisher, Ashley Flores, Jorge Fonseca, Chayla Garza, Jeremy Garza, Lexie Gomez, Kristen Greene, Qiang Guo, Gladys Gutierrez, Stephanie Gutierrez, Sarah Hartwell, Sarah Hawes, Harley Heavin, Brittney Henderson, Brittney Henderson, Tyler Higgins, David Hill, Morgan Hill, Stephen Hodges, Daniel Jackson, Xiaoyu Ji, Curtis Knopp, Jacob Kocher, Crystal Kowalik, Olga Kvach, Larry Lardin, William Peyton Larkin, Hannah Levine, Kangning Liu, Jacob Lozano, Jia Luo, Ivan Martinez, Kristopher Martinez, James Mata, Felix Mireles, Ngan Thi Nguyen, Elizabeth Nixon, Ryan Oliver, Seri Pak, Huong Pham, Ayaka Pincombe, Sohail  Punjwani, Tracy Roberson, Stella Rodriguez, Elena Ryabova, Veronica Salazar, Christopher Savage, Natasha Scott, Nazar Scott, Bruce Sims, Victoria Smith, Kaitlyn Stanford, Alexandria Staples, Sara Stephenson, Adam Studier, Gregory Summers, Paul Tansley, Dang Tran, Megan Trevino, Phong Truong, Heather Tunches, Cameron Valverde, Diana Villarreal, Joshua Webb, Gergo Weidinger, Jordan West, David Williams, Kelli Williams, John Wirt, Ye Yuan, Christopher Zapata, Zihan Zhang

College of Business students receiving their graduate degrees include:Heather Barr, Ali Abdul Rasul Bhimani, Kimberly Delafuente, Abigail Fay, Hallie Hollenback, Brittney Honeycutt, Yanan Jing, Stephanie Knight, Marcela Mercurio, Mai Thi Nguyen, Carmen Osier, Duc Tran, Hang Zhao, Mengyuan Zhu, Kevin Amaya Villeda, Joshua Calhoun, Rau Carolini Rau, Joseph Dolan, Hieu Duong, Paul Friesen, Tiffany Hearne, Annas Hidmi, Jessica Jennett, Michael Kesselring, Taewon Lee, Kuangyi Liu, Abhijit Nalawade, Diem Thi Nguyen, Linh Duc Nguyen, Jaren Palmer, Phung Pham, Uyen Thi Pham, Aaron  Pridgeon, George Reed, Gabriel Lee Saenz, Paul Smith, Yangyang Wang, Bryan Wetz.