More than 100 Students Inducted into the Teaching Profession

Published: May 18, 2015

More than 100 Students Inducted into the Teaching Profession

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi recognized 116 students who completed all of the requirements to become professional educators during the Teacher Education Induction Ceremony on Thursday, May 14, in the University Center, Anchor Ballroom.

During the ceremony, the newly-qualified teachers received commemorative medallions from their mentors and site professors.

“I feel great about being able to help raise a generation of thinkers, someone who wants to learn,” said Elisa Garcia, who is now qualified to teach early childhood through sixth grade. She completed her student teaching at Corpus Christi Independent School District’s Schanen Estates Elementary.

Hannah Hardin, who earned a degree in kinesiology and is now qualified to teach early childhood through 12th grade, completed her student teaching at the Calallen Independent School District.

“My grandmother was a teacher, and my sister was a teacher,” Hardin said. “I’ve had certain teachers and coaches who made me realize that this is what I want to do.  It took me 13 and a half years to graduate, and my family, including my three beautiful children, is the best motivation for my success.”

The Teacher Education Induction Ceremony featured Annie Mucheru-Garza as guest speaker. Mucheru-Garza, an Islander alumna, received her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Education in 2011. Mucheru-Garza was recently named Corpus Christi ISD’s Elementary Teacher of the Year.

 “Be prepared, have an open mind, and never give up,” she told the future teachers. “You have to be willing to fail, and then try again. Teaching is not a one-man job.  When you get to your new camps, find those seasoned professionals to help guide you.  Be a life-long learner.”

Inductees into the Teaching Profession and the locations/programs in which they completed their field-based training are:

            Flour Bluff ISD: Debra L. Aleman, Alesia M. Astorga,  Madison Van Booven, Jordan T. Barrett,  Lindsay S. Challis, Coleman R. Chappell, Jeanette L. Daidone, Ariel R. Evans, Brandon S. Langford, Caitlin D. McCampbell, Marcus A. Montez, Brittanie M. Ramos, Harmony I. Richardson, Ramsey I. Rodriguez, Steven M. Silvas, Christina Talamantes,and Gabriella T. Zepeda

            Kostoryz Elementary: Daryan T. Baros, Alyse N. Capello, Miriam G. Fuentes, Erica Gamez, Diana Guajardo, Charlotte Hillery, Samantha Kraatz, Meghan Lanoue, Ellen Lopez, Alma D. Mangel, Brittany M. Masters, Jessica D. Reid, Jennifer Rhodes, Natalie B. Roach, Brooke A. Saul, and Ashley K. Wagner

            Miller High School:  Christoffer J. Becho, James K. Collins, Jennifer Cooper, Vincent A. Cruz, Zaragoza I. Gonzalez, Nelisia A. Maldonado, Christopher C. McBroom, Cynthia Ordonez, Alec S. Paramski, Steven S. Sanchez, Estefany Segundo, Audrey A. Serrano, Rebecca J. Snell, Megan Solis, Kimberly L. Stephenson,  and Laverrne M. Turruviate

            Montclair Elementary:  Amy Y. Budd, Haley J. Burleson, Marlena Bush, Amber D. Garcia, Kelly M. Gonzalez, Esmeralda Gutierrez, Jeanette N. Gutierrez, Joan Karbowski, Monica Longoria, Linda Moreno, Hailey M. Morrow, Travis E. Nelson, Brianna J. Oboyle, Issac Padilla, April M. Reed, Stephanie N. Sternberg, Maria Veliz, and Caelan M. Zeitler

            Schanen Estates Elementary:  Chelsea R. Derrick, Britany A. Diaz-Rivera, Alexandria P. Dryden, Teresa A. Fernandez, Elisa R. Garcia, Monica G. Garcia, Shelby L. Keeler, Karina D. Kelley, Chelsey T. Luthi, Tara McKenna, Jesus E. Pena, Griselda Perales, Andrea A. Rangel, Roxanne M. Rios, and Hannah E. Torres

            Tom Browne:  Christina D. Escobar, Samantha A. Garza, Nicole E. Hart, Amanda Hibbs, Eric Jimenez, Sarah A. Lester, William T. Matthews, Adam R. Melchor, Cesar Quintanilla, Danielle M. Ramirez, Cheyenne B. Rowen, and Joshua Salinas

            Master’s and Certification/Alternative Certification of Educators:  Carin Adamczak, Amanda D. Aleman, Ciara Gaitan, Ricardo Garza, Kaileigh Gibson, Eric J. Gonzalez, Amanda Gutschow, Hannah B. Hardin, Yavette A. Hernandez, Megan K. Johnson, Brittany L. Lomax, Stephanie A. Major, Connie Martin, Alyssa Martinez, Stacey E. Noland, Henri Obey, Sarah Perrenot, Jennifer Shatraw, Miranda E. Villanueva, and Gene Ward

ASCENT: Rebecca Silvas, Barbara R. Valiente