College of Science and Engineering Holds Hooding and Undergraduate Research Cording Ceremony on May 15

Published: May 18, 2015

College of Science and Engineering Holds Hooding and  Undergraduate Research Cording Ceremony on May 15

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The College of Science and Engineering held its Master of Science Hooding and Undergraduate Research Cording Ceremony on Friday, May 15, at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi for students earning their degrees during the spring 2015 semester. All students graduating with master’s degrees were eligible to be hooded at the ceremony. In addition, undergraduate students were recognized for their research alongside a faculty mentor and received undergraduate research cords.

 “This event recognizes the scholarly accomplishments of our Master of Science graduate students and our undergraduate student researchers,” said Dr. Frank Pezold, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering. “Our master’s students address questions and provide solutions to current issues, and in doing so, demonstrate themselves to be experts in their fields. Working side-by-side with our faculty and graduate students, our undergraduate researchers are getting first-hand lab and field experiences that enhance their understanding of science and prepare them for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

Students recognized during the Master of Science Hooding Ceremony were honored for achievements in their graduate degree studies, research, and academic endeavors.

As part of receiving a master’s degree, the following students were in attendance and hooded by Dean Pezold and their faculty mentors during this ceremony:

Master of Science in Biology: 

Khanh Nguyen

James Sanchez

Master of Science in Computer Science:

Divya Paramjyoti Andolu

Shawn Braune

Ricardo Garcia

Sneha Reddy Gunukula

Bradley Hannah

Saikumar Reddy Karkoori

Murali Jagdev Koney

Hima Lahari Marneni

Keerthi Reddy Muthyala

Shivani Nuguru

Cagri Ozen

Avinash Pallagani

Andres Ramirez 

Master of Science in Environmental Science: 

Graham Ellison

Master of Science in Fisheries and Mariculture: 

Alin Gonzalez-Rivas

Geoffrey Kibler

Master of Science in Geospatial Surveying Engineering: 

Kristina Drysdale

Saeed Saeed

Master of Science in Marine Biology:

Patricia Cockett 

Master of Science in Mathematics:

Sul-Ram Song

April Hesseltine

An undergraduate student becomes eligible to receive a gold honor cord to wear during the graduation ceremony by completing a minimum of one year of active undergraduate research with a faculty mentor, or by completing a structured research program. In addition, each student must publicly share the results of the research in a paper or article published in a peer-reviewed journal, or as an oral presentation or poster presented at a symposium, conference or meeting.

Undergraduate students earning the following degrees received research cords from the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and their faculty mentors:

Bachelor of Science in Biology: Marisa Gonzales

Taylor Haskins

Viviana Mancilla

Samantha Valdez

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences:

Cody Blackstone

Daryl Kevin Gaspar

Jonnie Marie Iglesias

Alvaro Pena

Thanh Thuy Dan Pham

Susana Villela

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry:

Amanda Goldner

Carmen Martinez

Mariela Vazquez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology: 

Lawrence Rahmes

Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science: 

Olivert Garcia

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering:

Shawn Robinson

Michel Caballero

Andres Ramos

Dustin Smith