New Upgrades to Media Production Editing Lab Gives Students Advantage in the Workforce

Published: June 26, 2015

New Upgrades to Media Production Editing Lab Gives Students Advantage in the Workforce

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Media Production students at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will soon benefit from all new iMac and Mac Pro computer systems in the Editing Lab as part of new upgrades to be completed by the end of the summer.

The upgrade will also include the addition of two new editing stations in the advanced edit bays for production students to use on independent projects and other special assignments. The lab will also begin phasing out the use of DVDs and switch to an all file based system for screening and project distribution.

“In the field of Media Production, it’s imperative that students entering the workforce do so with cutting-edge technical and creative skills,” said Edward Tyndall, Associate Professor of Media Production. “We’re lucky to be at an institution that’s sensitive to that fact and supports our efforts to make our students as competitive as possible.”

Students have access to Adobe Premiere, Movie Magic Screenwriting, Scheduling and Budgeting, as well as many other industry standard programs in the lab.

Tyndall says the department works to employ a strategy that allows the labs to field new systems every three to four years.

“We’re committed to training highly-qualified students and growing a nationally competitive undergraduate program in the years to come,” said Tyndall. “Giving our students the latest tools to work with is a crucial component to achieving this goal.”

The Media Production Emphasis for the Department of Communication and Media was added in fall 2014, but had been in development for several years.

“While the Media Production Emphasis is new, we feel confident our students are producing content at the level of much more established programs,” said Tyndall.