Island University Student Publishes Book about Inspirational Living

Published: October 05, 2015

Island University Student Publishes Book about Inspirational Living

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi student Aleichia Williams, a senior history major, has written and published her first book. It’s called “21 Ways to Live a Fulfilled Life According to a 21 Year Old,” and it details Williams' thoughts on life along with photographs she has taken.

In the 54-page book, Williams gives 21 tips for making the most out of life. Some of her suggestions include: turning off your cell phone, travelling, taking a walk outside, sitting in silence, holding hands with a stranger, going to a farmers market and hosting a dinner party.

“I wrote this book because I often feel the young adult life, especially the young female adult narrative on life, isn’t expressed,” said Williams. “The goal of my book is to eliminate the belief that all young adults care about is the Kardashians or going to the club. Further, I want to help those who are looking for a way to make some meaning of their life.”

Williams says she has received overwhelming support and congratulations from family and friends about her book, which is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Kindle, and CreateSpace. Williams has also just accepted a writing position on Huffington Post’s Latino Voices blog team.

“Being on the blog team is a monumental achievement in my writing career,” said Williams. “I feel it is just as important as publishing my book because now my writing reaches millions of people.”

After her expected graduation in May 2016, Williams plans to go to film school or get a master’s degree in French literature or history.

“I want to make fiction movies that take place in historical times and that surround themes on what living really means,” said Williams. “My inspiration for everything I do is life itself. All the good and bad that makes life ‘life’ inspires me.”