College of Nursing and Health Sciences Recognizes Accomplishments of Fall 2015 Graduates

Published: December 18, 2015

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Recognizes Accomplishments of Fall 2015 Graduates

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (COHNS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi held its Hooding and Recognition Ceremony on Dec.11, in the University Center, to honor 142 students for their achievements and earning their degrees in fall 2015. The ceremony congratulated nine master’s students and 133 undergraduate students.

“I am proud of these students for accomplishing their goals and enhancing their careers,” said Dr. Mary Jane Hamilton, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

During the ceremony, faculty members place a hood over the master’s level graduates head, in a symbolic recognition of the transition from student to scholar. The hood’s colors represent a graduate’s university and major. The length of the hood relates to rank their additional years of scholarship. The CONHS hoods are apricot in color.

Jonathan Hadden, an undergraduate nursing student and member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, the only honorary society of nursing, was one of a handful of students selected to say a few words at the ceremony.

“I am so proud of my cohorts for making it to this peak in our lives,” said Hadden. “The title of ‘nurse’ belongs to each of us because of the support we’ve received from family, friends and instructors.”

Students receiving degrees were:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Jessica Michelle Aiken, Samantha D. Flores, Bonnie L. Ray, Angela M. Aldrich, Brayton J.  Amidon, Esther O. Anyaorah, Jasmine A. Archangel, Jessica L. Bader, Ryan R. Baize, Kimberly N. Barrett, Cheyenne R. Bauer, Carmen M. Bengur, Disha Bhatt, Janae B. Botello, Devin L. Boss, Alan Boyzo, Christina M. Brown, Keri C. Brown, Joe M. Cantu, Shayna M. Carr, Adriana L. Carroll, Heather L. Carter, Velia M. Cruz, Justyn G. Cruz-Aedo, Eva L. Delarosa, Priscilla Diaz, Meagan L. Dowd, Cassie L. Downs, Robert C. Eikel, Tahera D. English, Gretchen J. Epperson, Denise L. Erwin, Corri L. Fancher, Amanda T. Flores, Nicole E. Fraire, Jenna M. Galvan, Tamara K. Gloor, Clarissa M. Gonzales, Jose R. Gonzales, Julie A. Gonzalez-Deleon, Jonas A. Gosschalk, Rodolfo Grande Jr., Yvette A. Guerra, Cindy A. Gutierrez, Jonathan H. Hadden, Selena N. Henderson, Shyla A. Hoff, Tabitha O. Hurley, Ashley T. Johnston, Kira J. Larsen, Chelsey M. Madding, Mary R. Maddox, Sonya R. McClellan, Robert P. Megerle, Damequia S. Montgomery, Jessica A. Mower, Kayli N. Newbern, Alexis M. Okumura, Danielle J. Paquin, Markeshia L. Parks, Noelia Perez, Megan K. Pinkerton, Kristen E. Pryor, Cynthia A. Putman-Ramirez, Paula R. Quinn, Shelby C. Robinson, Jessica M. Robles, Stephanie L. Rogers, Janelle R. Room, Christina M. Ruiz, Oscar R. Sabillon, Elexis E. Saenz, Kristabell Salazar, Alicia P. Sanchez, Martin Sanchez, Krystal D. Sandoz, Katherine L. Santovena, Aylssa M. Schelsteder, Ana Silva, Lindsey M. Silvas, Daniel W. J. Smith, Berenice Solis, Kayley B. Stacell, Kayla L. Stokely, Alexander J. Thomas, Matthew G. Thompson, Shaun B. Tindall II, Jennifer L. Tracy, Anna D. Trevino, Deanna Trevino, Marlen Trevino, Leah E. Valera, Nathan L. Vaughn, Robert A. Whitelaw, Brianna S. Worcester, Michelle R. Zdansky and Lizette Zermeno

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Oluwabusola O. Akintode, Taylor Aoughsten, Jamie M. Arsuaga, Lichinha A. Barbosa, Miranda C. Basaldu, Kacie N. Bell, Maria I .Cabrera, Tara Castillo, Mark A. Flores, Cheryl S. Hollera, Meril R. Jacob, Yudelkys Leonard, April C. Orozco, Yvette C. Orta, Alexandria V. Pyle, Angelica M. Reyes, Abigail Rivera, Annabelle Rivera, Kristi L. Roberts, Maria A. Salinas, Samantha M. Sanchez, Shelby L. Vasquez and Disney-Anne M. Willis                 

Master of Science in Nursing: Marlene R. Anders, Shirley M. Franklin, Alicia D. De Los Santos, Melinda Delong, Rolando Lira, Lori A. Lucas, Pamela C. Pankey, Donna R. Wallis and Lori L. Wheeler

Post-Master’s Certificates: Tim Andrews and Christina Winters

Other award winners were:

Outstanding Graduating Senior (F2F):  Brayton James Amidon

O’Neill Award for Caring (F2):  Cheyenne Renay Bauer and Robert Cameron Eikel

O’Neill Award for Caring (eLine):  Shyla Abigail Hoff

Outstanding HLSC Student: Yudelkys “Judy” Leonard

Health Sciences Leadership Award: Mark Flores

Outstanding Graduate Student: Melinda DeLong

Graduate Research Award: Shirley Franklin