Young Scientists of Tomorrow Compete in the 28th Annual Regional Science Fair

Published: March 08, 2016

Young Scientists of Tomorrow Compete in the 28th Annual Regional Science Fair

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – More than 600 kids gathered in the American Bank Center for the Valero Energy, Coastal Bend Community Foundation and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Regional Science Fair held February 26-27. The College of Education and Human Development hosted the event with Valero Energy, the Coastal Bend Community Foundation and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi as the title sponsors and Del Mar College as a silver sponsor.

A total of 568 projects were registered with children from 11 Texas counties participating. Students from grade levels K-12 from public, private, home and charter schools competed.

Projects in grades K-5 were grouped into one of two scientific divisions, physical science or life/health science. Projects in grades 6-12 were entered in 20 different categories including Animal Science, Behavioral and Social Science, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Chemistry-Biochemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Energy and Transportation, Environmental Management and Environmental Sciences, Materials Engineering and Bioengineering, Medicine and Health, Microbiology, Physics and Astronomy, Plant Sciences, Robotics and Intelligent Machines and Systems Software.

This year’s winners are:

Kindergarten – Physical Science
First Place – Sagan Baxter, Flour Bluff ISD, “Up in the Sky, Which One Will Fly?”
Second Place – Tristian Luevanos, Kingsville ISD, “Walking on Eggshells”
Third Place – Israel Soliz, Calallen ISD, “Who Gives More Fries”

Kindergarten – Life Science
First Place – Soaham Kumar, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Yummy for Plants”
Second Place – Colleen Rae Simmons, Corpus Christi ISD, “Squirrelin’ Around”
Third Place – Cheyanne Hamilton, Corpus Christi ISD, “Sugar Bigs”

First Grade – Physical Science
First Place – Beau Smith, Orange Grove ISD, “Water Power Car” (Best in Show-Grades K-12), ($1,000 TAMU-CC Tuition Award)
Second Place – William Satery, Homeschool Organization of South Texas, “More Than Just Bubbles”
Third Place – Adelyn G. Alvarado, Tuloso-Midway ISD, “Let it Glow”

First Grade – Life Science
First Place – Tess Rodriguez, Alice ISD, “Eating Nails”
Second Place – Dakota Fancher, Corpus Christi ISD, “Cracking the Myth on Toothpaste”
Third Place – Adelyn A. Lopez, Ricardo ISD, “Germs Everywhere…”

Second Grade – Physical Science
First Place – Ally Orta, Charter School, “Oh the Suspense”
Second Place – Colvin Del Gallo, Calallen ISD, “What a Drag!”
Third Place – Hannah Villarreal, Flour Bluff ISD, “Frozen”

Second Grade – Life Science
First Place – Lauryn A. Moreno, Kingsville ISD, “Which Sorbent Will Absorb Oil the Best?”
Second Place – Chloe Williams, Kingsville ISD, “Flower Power”
Third Place – Jayde Marroquin, Tuloso-Midway ISD, “Rethink Your Drink”

Third Grade – Physical Science
First Place – Leslie R. Davis, School of Science & Technology, “Here is Rust, There is Rust, Everywhere is Rust”
Second Place – Vera Hsiang, Corpus Christi ISD, “Rate Your Glass”
Third Place – Fabian A. Mendez-Vasquez, Flour Bluff ISD, “Strong Bridges”

Third Grade – Life Science
First Place – Kylee Zimmerman, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Stop to Smell the Roses”
Second Place – Leaya Alaniz, Robstown ISD, “Sweet Poison”
Third Place – Blake Trevino, Calallen ISD, “Is it Clean or Dirty?”

Fourth Grade – Physical Science
First Place – Jacobe West, Corpus Christi ISD, “Let’s Glide”
Second Place – Becca Lawing, Aransas County ISD, “Hot and Getting Hotter (The Heat Island Effect)”
Third Place – Jonathan Quinones, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “The Various Effects on the Magnetic Fields”

Fourth Grade – Life Science
First Place – Ella Baumgardt, Ricardo ISD, “Crickets Be Gone”
Second Place – Addie Petty, Ingleside ISD, “Man vs. Machine”
Third Place – Dora Hernandez and Madison Brown, Sinton ISD, “Hang Up and Concentrate”

Fifth Grade – Physical Science
First Place – Mary Amy Nicole Sumabon, Calallen ISD, “Beat the Heat” (Intermediate Best in Show: Grades 3-5)
Second Place – Reese Robertson, Taft ISD, “The Little/Big Race”
Third Place – Allison Flower and Ashley Flower, Tuloso-Midway ISD, “Blowing in the Wind”

Fifth Grade – Life Science
First Place – Henry Stanley, Flour Bluff ISD, “Is There a Sixth Sense of Taste That Affects Energy?”
Second Place – Seth Huffman, Seashore Charter Schools, “Gauss What? Linear Magnetic Acceleration”
Third Place – Julia Guerrero, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Stain Wars”

Junior – Animal Science
First Place – Celeste Torres, Alice ISD, “Hunger Games”
Second Place – Embry Trevino, Taft ISD, “Time for Thanksgiving”
Third Place – Daphne Hanzak, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Blue Birds Fly over the Rainbow”

Junior – Behavioral and Social Science
First Place – Matthew Daugird, Seashore Charter Schools, “Methods of Distractions”
Second Place – Nina Ferris, Seashore Charter Schools, “Unsocial Media”
Third Place – Elisalia Salinas, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Forensic: How Does it Matter, Measure Splatter”

Junior – Biochemistry
First Place – Hadeeqah Quazi, Kingsville ISD, “Antioxidant a Day Keep a Doctor Away”
Second Place – Alyssa Saldivar, Kingsville ISD, “Tooth Decay”

Junior – Cellular and Molecular Biology
First Place – Jina Saldana, Taft ISD, “The Smoking Effect”

Junior – Chemistry
First Place – Van Cooper, Flour Bluff ISD, “Rocket (Car) Science”
Second Place – Stephanie Aparicio, Taft ISD, “Chip Calorimetry”
Third Place – Bria Escobar, Alice ISD, “Vanishing Vapors”

Junior – Energy and Transportation
First Place – Cordell Williams, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Air Electric”
Second Place – Sadey Thomas, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “On the Road Again”
Third Place – Jorge Salinas, Freer ISD, “Heat Transfer”

Junior – Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
First Place – Joaquin Haces-Garcia, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Preventing Heat Stroke Implementing a Novel Car Seat Alarm System” (Best of Show: 6-8th), (Special Platinum Coastal Bend Community Foundation Award)
Second Place – Kyle Pshigoda, Flour Bluff ISD, “Battle of the Batteries”
Third Place – Ibrahim Al-Akash, Corpus Christi ISD, “Wired for Wind”

Junior – Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering
First Place – Hailey Medina, Corpus Christi ISD, “Speed Dry”
Second Place – Melanie Amador and Lilly Baird, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Crashing Waves!!!”

Junior – Environmental Management
First Place – Nikolai Ortiz, Seashore Academy, “Finding a Solution to Heavy Metal Water Pollution”

Junior – Environmental Science
First Place – Paige Nicholson, Corpus Christi ISD, “Shellfish: Nature’s Water Filter”
Second Place – Conner Knippers, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Solar Desalination”
Third Place – Vivian Flores, Corpus Christi ISD, “Thermal Expansion of Water”

Junior – Medicine and Health
First Place – Daniel Rose, Flour Bluff ISD, “Gamer’s Heart”
Second Place – Heaven Flores, Taft ISD, “AM VS PM”
Third Place – Braelyn Butler, Taft ISD, “Bright and Shiney”

Junior – Microbiology
First Place – Anil Patel, St. Mary’s Academy Charter Schools, “Speed Dry”
Second Place – Justin Guzman, Kingsville ISD, “Killing Bacteria”

Junior – Physics and Astronomy
First Place – Austin Lantz, Homeschool Organization of South Texas, “Lift Generated by a Wing”
Second Place – Kaylynn Lambert, Flour Bluff ISD, “Twirling Magnificently”
Third Place – Troy Luera, Taft ISD, “Long Jump”

Junior – Plant Sciences
First Place – Haward Williams, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Energy from Fruits and Vegetables”
Second Place – Miguel Gonzalez, Alice ISD, “Natural Preservation”
Third Place – Patricia Knief, Flour Bluff ISD, “Native Versus Non-Native”

Junior – System Software
First Place – Samantha Trevino, Kingsville ISD, “Seeing Double”

Senior – Behavioral and Social Sciences
First Place – Amber Salazar, Eileen Pealer, Ben Rodriguez and Danielle Rivera, Taft ISD, “Crossed Up”
Second Place – Rolanda Mendoza, Keri Graves and Ana Davila, Taft ISD, “How Does Smell Affect Taste?”
Third Place – Horacio Moreno and John Mendez, Taft ISD, “Don’t Be Dumb, Chew Gum”

Senior – Environmental Management
First Place – Arturo Haces-Garcia, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “A Novel Approach to Solve Indoor Pollution from Particular Matter”

Senior – Environmental Sciences
First Place – Roger Garcia, Taft ISD, “Fracking: A Safer Way” (Best of Show: 9-12th)
Second Place – William Houf, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “Nanotechnology and Environmental Clean Up: A Small Solution to a Big Problem – Magnetizing Oil”

Senior – Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
First Place – Armando Aparicio, Taft ISD, “Efficiency and Production of Wind Turbines”
Second Place – Raelynn Mata, Miranda Aguirre and Allie Salazar, Taft ISD, “Understanding Wave Energy”

Senior – Energy and Transportation
First Place – Danielle Zambrano, Taft ISD, “Staying on Track is Whack”
Second Place – Maria Molino, Naomi Saldavar and Elisa Martinez, Taft ISD, “Wind Turbines”

Senior – Materials Engineering and Bioengineering
First Place – Jace Hinojosa, Taft ISD, “There is No Place Like Dome”
Second Place – Jesse Molina, Mo Olivarez and Shawn Saldavar, Taft ISD, “Bridging the Gap”

Senior – Medicine and Health
First Place – Analis Lopez, Taft ISD, “Probiotics”
Second Place – Rylie Hernandez, Karina Aparicio and Jenevie Cortez, Taft ISD, “Tummy Time”
Third Place – Aaron Gonzales, Thomas Vara and Aaron Saldana, Taft ISD, “Do You Even Lift”

Senior – Microbiology
First Place – Tatiana Ortiz, Flour Bluff ISD, “Gloves Are No Guarantee” (Best of Show: 9-12th), (Special Platinum Valero Energy Award)

Senior – Plant Sciences
First Place – Brett Job, Taft ISD, “Electric Growth”

Senior – Systems Software
First Place – Francisco Haces-Garcia, Santa Gertrudis ISD, “FRAME Form Recognition Algorithm by Machine Exploration”

District Award
First Place – Taft ISD

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