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Dr. JoAnn Canales, TAMU-CC Dean of Graduate Studies, Establishes ‘A.C. and Ende Canales Si Se Puede’ Endowed Scholarship

March 24, 2017


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – To memorialize her parents and honor her hometown of Laredo, Dr. JoAnn Canales, Founding Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has established the A.C. and Ende Canales Si Se Puede Endowed Scholarship in Education and Nursing.

The scholarship, which was awarded to its first two recipients in February 2017, is available to residents and high school graduates of Laredo. It is valued at $1000 a year, for each student, and can be renewed for up to four years. Students must have graduated in the top 25% of their high school class and maintain a 3.0 GPA at the university level.

“One of the things I’ve come to realize is that unless someone reaches out to broaden others’ horizons, they may not know what prospects they have,” said Canales. “If someone provides them a scholarship to a university they may have never thought of attending, that becomes a way to provide a different kind of access to opportunities for success.”

The A.C. and Ende Canales Si Se Puede Endowed Scholarship was named in honor of Canales’ parents, who had a supportive and nurturing hand in her life.

“This scholarship is a way to recognize them and their contributions to my education and success,” said Canales. “I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have that kind of support, so it is my hope that this scholarship will also help some who would have little support or funding otherwise.”

Originally, the scholarship was intended for students seeking degrees from the College of Education and Human Development, however in 2012, Canales’ mother, in need of specialized care, was moved into a nursing home, where she interacted regularly with nursing students from TAMU-CC.

“I saw how much of an impact these nursing students had,” said Canales. “With their youthfulness, commitment and kind cheerful attention, they were rays of sunshine to the residents’ lives, so I decided to expand the scholarship to nursing students as well.”

Mayra Lee Pena, who is pursuing a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and Ashley Cipriano, who is an undergraduate student in the nursing program, are this year’s deserving student recipients.

“Honoring me as a recipient of the Si Se Puede scholarship will help me to meet my goal of improving education for all,” said Pena. “I extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. Canales for her kindness and generosity.”

Cipriano is a first-generation college student who is also thankful for the assistance.

“I appreciate all the help I can receive,” said Cipriano. “It will help me out so much in my endeavors.”

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