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Breadcrumb Navigation

How does breadcrumb navigation work?

The breadcrumb navigation works by creating a path from your current location back to the Base Folder of your site. It turns your folder hierarchy into links that lead back through your site and allow you to quickly navigate to any section with a single click. Your current location in the site is the right-most entry in the breadcrumb navigation. Each step back up through your folder structure creates a link to the left of your current location, all the way back to the Base Folder.

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The current page is always the right-most entry. If the current page is the folder's "index" page, the link to its left will lead to the folder above it, since you're already at that folder's "home" (index) page. When your current page is the Base Folder's index page, the breadcrumb navigation is automatically removed from the page.

Neat. How do I edit the links?

The right-most entry will always be the title of the current page. All the links to the left are based on the titles of the folders. To change the title of a folder, select the folder and click the "Edit" tab. Fill out the "Title" field with your desired breadcrumb link title for that folder. When you're done, click "Submit"