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Creating Folders

Folders are powerful organizational tools. They also have a large impact on how your site's navigational menu is created. We'll cover this in our section on How Navigational Menus Work.

Before you create a folder, you should select the existing folder (the parent folder) in which it will be placed by left clicking the parent folder on the left.

At the top of the page, in the blue menu bar, click Add Content -->  Default -->  Folder.



New Folder


This will bring up the New Folder modal:

Folder Name

"Folder Name" is the name of the folder as it will appear both in your Cascade site and in the URL of your site when you access it via your browser.
Best Practices Tip: We recommend you avoid spaces and capital letters. For instance, instead of a folder named 'Creating Folders in Cascade', use lower case letters and hyphens or underscores: creating-folders-in-cascade. Using numbers in folder names is also allowed.

"Placement Folder" is the folder in which this new folder will be placed. If you see '/' then the folder will be placed in your Base Folder.

"include when publishing" This box will be checked by default, which allows the folder and all of its contents to be published to your web site.
Advanced Concepts: There are times when it is wise to uncheck this box. For more information, including more advanced publishing concepts, see our Publishing tutorial section.

"include when indexing" This box will be checked by default, which makes the folder visible to Cascade while it is creating your navigational menu.
Advanced Concepts: It is almost always fine to just leave this box checked. However, there are some circumstances where uncheck this box is a good idea. For more information, see our section on How Navigational Menus Work.

"Metadata Set" Leave this as Default.

Click "Submit"