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Creating Pages

At the top of the page, there is a navigation bar. If you Click Add Content --> Responsive-Standard or New --> Responsive-Wide.

Responsive-Standard is a basic page on cascade that you can edit and Responsive-Wide is a page with no left navigation.

 Create Page


Creating PagesCreating Pages 2

This will bring up a modal. From there you go to “Page Name” this will be the name of the page in the url. Under page name is “Placement Folder” this is where the page will be located.

                Title-the title of the page

                Subtitle-is the subtitle of the page (right under the title)

“Display in Navigation”: (Yes) if you want it on the left side navigation bar.

“Static banner Image”: The banner image for the page. See “How to upload a Banner image” for more information on custom banner imagery.

"Rotating Banner Image": This is where you can add multiple banner images rather than just the static banner image, and have it link internally or externally.

“Content”: This is where you can type what you want, attach photos, link documents, and make tables.

“Right Column”: Edit this if you want the right side navigation.

Click Save & Preview (clicking "Save & Preview" WILL NOT submit your changes, you will need to click "submit" after you click "Save & Preview")