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Adding YouTube Videos and Tables

Click here if you would like to learn how to insert tables click here.

In order to add a YouTube video to your page, have the video open in another window; you'll need some information from the page to embed the video.

Once you have the video open, look under the subscribe button and click “Share.”

Click “Embed” and copy the HTML in the text field.


In the toolbar there is an icon that has "<> on it. Click it and the HTML Source Code editor will pop up.



Paste the HTML code from YouTube where you would like it to be displayed on the page.

Then click “Ok.”

An area in your page will be designated for the video, although you won't be able to play it in the editor; you'll have to Submit your changes to view the video on the page.

Once you're finished editing, click "Save & Preview" the click "Submit".


 To insert a table you will click "Show all Editor Features". (As seen below)

show the table

"Table" will show up in the toolbar next to "Insert" it will be a dropdown menu where you can select the size of you table and where you can edit the cells, rows and columns.


When adding the "Table" a quick bar will also appear below. It has the same editing tools as in the "Table" dropdown menu.