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Inserting Links and Anchors

-In the Insert/Edit link menu you will have 2 options: creating an Internal link or creating an External link.

-Click here for how to insert a Anchor. 

  • In the text editor, highlight the text you wish to link.
  • Click on the Insert/edit link button.

Creating an Internal link

  • Make sure the radio button next to Internal is filled (as depicted below)
  • In the Link field click Choose File, Page or Link.

    In the Choose menu:
  • Find the location where you would like to link to, your options being from: Files, Pages or Symlinks (from your pages or pages of other departments if you have access).
  • When finished click Choose.

Creating an External link

  • Make sure the radio button next to External is filled (depicted below) .
  • In the Link field paste any external url you chose (example:
  • Input an appropriate Title (this is required for both Internal and External links).

When finished click Ok.

external link

Unlinking text

  • Unlinking text is as easy as highlighting the linked text and pressing the Remove Link button.


  • Click Save & Preview whenever you are finished editing your page.
  • Then Click Submit.



Anchors allow users to click a link and jump directly to a different section of the same page. Adding anchors to a page with a lot of information helps users navigate quickly to what they're interested in.

To add an anchor to your page, highlight the target word or area on the page where the user should jump to when clicking your link.

Once the area is highlighted click "Insert" and select "Anchor" in the insert dropdown.

A box will pop up with “Anchor.”


Under “Id” you should choose a single, descriptive, lowercase word that you will remember, such "contact" or "sponsors" (without quotes).


When you're finished, click “Ok”

A little “Anchor” symbol will appear in front of the area you highlighted.


Your anchor is now in place. The next step is creating a link to this anchor, so that users on this page, or any other page, can jump directly to the anchor by clicking a link.

Edit the page that will have the link to your anchor, then highlight the text you want to link.

Click the “Insert/Edit Link” button, and in the “Anchor” field, type the name you gave your anchor. If you're editing the same page that you anchor is on, then you don't have to worry about the "Link" field. If you are adding this link in a different page than the one your anchor is in, you'll need to specify the page with the anchor in the "Link" field.



Once you're finished, click "Ok."

You should now have a link to your anchor. Users will be able to click this link to navigate directly to the anchored section of your page.


When you're done editing, click “Save & Preview” the click "Submit".