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Uploading/Inserting a Image

In order to add an image first you must add the image to an image folder, under the parent folder called “Assets” these folders are located on the side.

Click “Add Content”-->"Default"-->"File"


Click  "Choose" find your image you want.

Click “Open” and your image should be on the screen in cascade.

Here you can adjust the size, rotate it, flip it, and crop it.

If you would like to crop your image, you click on the image and drag.

A box should appear over the spot you dragged and you can adjust it and when you are done you click the “Crop” button to adjust your image.

The File name should be the name of the image.

Then click “Save & Preview”

And it should be in the images folder, after it is in the folder go back to the page you wanted the image. Edit.

Under content, you click the button that has a tree “Insert/Edit Image”

A pop up box pops up and under basic, there is “Internal” or “External”

Click “Internal”

“Image”- Search for the image you just uploaded

“Image Description”- Is when you hover over an image and it describes the image.

Or you can click decorative image, no alternative text will appear if the image fails to load.

“Dimensions”- is the size of the image.

Under "Advanced" Click "Figure/Caption" - This is the text shown below the image. 

Click “Ok”