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Testing a Transport

In order to test your transport password, first you must be logged on to Cascade.

Then click "Manage Site" -->  "Transports" or "Manage Site" -->  "Go to Transports" on the top navigation bar.


Click "Transports"

Click on the transport you would like to test.


Click "More" -->  "Test Connectivity"  By clicking Test Connectivity you are telling cascade to test your department account.

Click "Start Test"

If the test is successful, then all is well! You will see the following:

If the test failed because your password has expired, then you will see the Test failure message.

If the test failed and gave you the 'Auth fail' message, it means your password has expired. You'll need to contact the Computer Helpline and ask them to reset the password. Make sure to provide them with the username for the account. Once they have reset the password, visit our tutorial on updating your transport password to update your transport with your new password.