Each team should compile an Annotated Bibliography as you investigate background information for your Interdisciplinary Research Project.

Here are a couple links describing what it means to 'annotate' an article and how to prepare and Annotated Bibliography.



Please use APA citation format. Each research team will submit a single COMBINED preliminary Annotated Bibliography summarizing and properly citing least 20 credible references, at least 10 of which must have been published after 2001 in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Additional background information may come from other sources such as older articles, encyclopedias or government websites (earlier studies, tide tables, maps, molecular descriptions, etc.)

(Please note, this is a MINIMUM number of sources you should have obtained by this point. You will need to gather information from many more before your research is completed this semester. I recommend that you continue annotating as this is an efficient way to share information among your group members, but the Annotated Bib will not need to be re-submitted to me.)

The preliminary Annotated Bib should be uploaded to BlackBoard (one Microsoft Word document per group) before you meet with me in my office.