Monday and Tuesday

Any questions?

How is college different from high school?

Let's go around the room and explain one way you have found university different from high school. No repeats!

AAC&U Employer Survey

Homework- Remember to upload the PowerPoint slide for your Introductory Assignment before you come to class Wed/Thurs this week!

Bring your Biology notes with you to Seminar Wed/Thurs this week!

Wednesday and Thursday

Use the PPT slides you have uploaded to BlackBoard to help introduce ourselves to each other. Before you leave today, we will sign-up for research teams. Come in with a good idea who you would like to work with!

Notes Challenge

Reminder- All classes are cancelled next Monday for Labor Day. All classes except Seminar will meet as scheduled on Tuesday. Seminar will meet next Wed/Thurs.

Instead of coming to seminar next Mon/Tues, I would like every student to visit me in my office in FC 125 sometime on Tuesday. I will be at a meeting from 11:30-1. But you can stop by any other time between 9am-3pm.

Bring your Chemistry notes (hard copy or electronic) with you to Seminar next Wed/Thurs!