What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of work that you have already done. It is usually assembled to serve a specific purpose and often includes a written component reflecting on the work included.

What is the purpose of this portfolio?

This project should allow you to reflect upon the adjustments that you have made since coming to TAMU-CC which will help you to be successful in this academic environment. Considering the learning community theme of Wellness in Eight Dimensions, analyze your progress so far this semester in terms of at least three of the wellness dimensions (Intellectual Wellness plus two others). Your goal should be to convince me that you are making the choices or changes necessary to succeed this semester and throughout your time at this University.

What goes in a Portfolio?

A Portfolio generally has two components: the Evidence and the Reflective Overview.

The Evidence includes representations of actual experiences (copies of assignments, notes from class, scan of your day planner showing meetings, photo of you at an SI, etc.) which are chosen to support the purpose of the portfolio. You are responsible for selecting evidence that you think best demonstrates your performance and/or your development as a first year student. Evidence may come from Seminar and other classes as well as life outside the classroom. The Evidence should not be additional work created specifically for the Portfolio, but rather photographs, scans, or links to websites representing things you are doing this semester.

The Reflective Overview is a formal essay which guides me through your Portfolio. It should have an intro, conclusion, and transitions as expected of a major piece of college-level writing. Reflect on your progress in each area in a separate paragraph. Photographic evidence should be embedded throughout the essay as proof of your claims. In addition to providing structure and flow, the Reflective Overview should describe each piece of evidence and explain why it was chosen. Describe the experience represented, what you have learned from that experience, and how this demonstrates that you are making the choices necessary to be successful.

(If you're still confused, here is more information about the Reflective Overview in general.)

How do I turn in my Portfolio?

For this assignment, your entire portfolio will be electronic and must be submitted as a single Microsoft Word document (including photos as evidence) uploaded to BlackBoard under the Reflective Portfolios tab.

Is there anything specific that I need to include?

Yes, I have a couple requests for the beginning and end of the Reflective Overview.

1) At the beginning of the Portfolio, perhaps just after or as part of your introduction, please reflect on your personal and academic goals (for this semester, this year, or all of college--whatever works best for you). Include the list of goals, and also a reflection on what they mean to you, why they are important, or how they fit into your life plan. This will help me establish a framework for your expectations and definition of 'success'. Also in the introduction, please include a recognizable photo of you so I know who I am reading about!

2) In separate paragraphs, analyze your progress so far this semester in terms of at least 3 different wellness dimensions. As this is a mid-term academic portfolio, Intellectual Wellness must be included as one of the areas.

3) Towards the end of the Reflective Overview, please include a self-assessment telling me what grade you think you have earned on this Portfolio, and WHY! I will grade your Portfolio based on these criteria. Please review the expectations carefully before submitting your Portfolio to ensure that you have satisfied each requirement.

The major focus should be reflecting on experiences which demonstrate that you are making the choices and/or adjustments necessary to be successful!