Scientific Poster Presentation: First year seminar I is a true academic seminar class, where in conjunction with your communication class (if you have one) you will work as a research team with classmates to become subject matter experts on a current topic of science in an area of mutual interest related to one of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Through collaborative library research, a writing sequence designed for science students, and regular discussions in seminar, you will ultimately produce and present a scientific oral/poster presentation to tetrad faculty, students, and other invited guests. Seminar will help facilitate your research and presentation, but this is a shared learning community assignment combining your communication, discussion, presentation, biology, chemistry, and other interdisciplinary skills.

The following elements will comprise your total presentation grade:

  • Assessment of Team Collaboration
  • Presentation drafts (in person during Seminar and online via BlackBoard)
  • Final grading presentation
  • Public presentation at First-Year Symposium

By the end of the first year, students will have the skills and confidence needed to present complex scientific information clearly at any academic conference, as well as the First-Year Symposium. Your final presentation grade for this project will be included in your final grade for all learning community classes (see each instructor syllabus for details)!