Team Charter Article

Your Research Team Contract should to be uploaded to BlackBoard before the deadline. Only one member from each group will submit the document, but it must clearly state the names of all group members. Please review and incorporate the suggestions for an 'excellent' contract as described in Dr. Johnson's rubric on the linked informational page. The contract may be modified and re-uploaded throughout the semester, but amendments will require signatures of ALL group members.


  • One per team, submitted to the link in Blackboard under "Interdisciplinary Research Experience".
  • Date and duration of contract.
  • Team members (first and last name)
  • Team name (nothing R-rated or derogatory)
  • Purpose of the contract
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Goals
  • Meeting Times
  • Rules and expectations
  • Conflict resolution procedures (Very important- no one may be kicked out!)
  • Assignments and due dates
  • Any other information you feel is needed to ensure that everyone works as a mutually supportive team to complete class presentations and final poster assignment.

Team Research Contract Grading Rubric