Welcome to your First-Year Seminar. I'm looking forward to a great semester!

  • Brief introductions.
  • Overview of the learning communities concept.
  • Building Community:
  • Overview of major projects this semester
  • Goals
  • Pass out syllabus.


Homework: Syllabus Quiz - Begin exploring my wiki site http://tamucc.edu/wiki/BrandiKutil/Home . Review the Objectives and Learning Outcomes, Attendance and Participation, and Assignments on the Syllabus Fall 2018, then complete the Syllabus Quiz on BlackBoard. Come to class on Wed/Thurs with questions!

Wednesday and Thursday

8 dimensions of Wellness

Your Introductory Assignment should be uploaded to the BlackBoard discussion forum by NEXT Tuesday!

PSA's- Be sure to come by the Ice Cream Social for a free ice cream sundae Friday from 1-3 pm in the Faculty Center 104, hosted by the Department of Undergraduate Studies (that's me!)! And check out all of the other Waves of Welcome activities happening all around campus during the first two weeks every fall!

Warning : Check next week's class plans for Seminar room changes!