Monday and Tuesday

Full presentations in class this week. Finished posters and oral presentations presented today! Here is the rubric.

The sign-up page for final presentations is now available! Be sure to choose a time that ALL of your team members will be there!

Wednesday and Thursday

Chem review!

  • Write a question you expect Prof. Lopez to ask on Thursday's exam, then write out the full solution on the back of the page. Bring this on a sheet of paper to Seminar on Wed/Thurs.

Your LC classes are not meeting next week so that you can spend time with your family for Thanksgiving. If you can't make it to your own home, I encourage you to spend the holiday with your friends and their family! When they invite you, just say yes! Remember to complete the online assignments for all of your classes including the Career Exploration assignment for Seminar.

The final Reflective Portfolio is due by Friday, Nov 30 on BlackBoard under the Reflective Assignments tab. Any questions?