University classes are scheduled to meet Monday and Tuesday this week; however, your learning community classes are all having online assignments.

Think about your career plans and professional goals. Do you want to go to med school or grad school? What kind of job do you plan to get after college? What type of skills will they expect you to have? What do you need to do in the next 3 1/2 years to be ready to take that next step?

Your assignment this week is to research what it will take to get wherever you want to go next (med school, grad school, high-paying job straight out of college, etc.). Research it online, discuss it with upperclassmen, and/or talk to professionals in the field. Then share your findings with your peers!

  • Here are some resources to help you explore:

Please do a little recon, then post about your findings on the BlackBoard discussion forum. You can explore one of these resources, look up the admission requirements for your target professional school, or even talk with a friend or family member working in your desired field with useful advice to help you (and others like you) to get where you want to go. Share whatever useful information you find by Monday, Nov 26th so that your peers can benefit as well!

This info should also help as you reflect on your occupational wellness in the which is due Nov 30th!