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BrandiKutil: WeekOfNov26

Seminar will not meet either day this week because of final presentations and First-Year Symposium

Monday is a workshop day!

Final presentation grading sessions Tues/Wed this week!

First-Year Symposium is Thurs/Fri this week!

Thursday classes will present during your Seminar time. Mon/Wed Seminar classes will present on Friday during your COMM time (815 from 9-9:50, 816 from 10-10:50, and 817 from 12-12:50). When you arrive, find a table with my name on it (or Biol/Chem LC, or Science LC, or whatever they decide to call it this year). Each team's poster should be presented for the full 50 minutes, but you may work in shifts! During this time, each person should spend about 30 minutes sharing their presentation with the audience and 30 minutes walking around evaluating other presentations--at least one science (not in your class) and one non-science presentation. Evaluation pages will be available at the event and should be recycled when you are finished!

Here is an electronic version of the Peer-assessment of team collaboration which we handed out at the final presentation. Please complete this confidentially and turn it in to me at First-Year Symposium or in my office by 2pm Friday!

The Fall 2018 Final Portfolio is due by 11:59 pm on Friday, Nov 30th!!! Email me with questions!

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