Monday and Tuesday

Many students have expressed concerns about Time Management. Today we will spend a few minutes organizing your plans for this week.

How is your research going so far? Anything I can help with??

Fall 2018 Midterm Portfolio due by Friday, Oct 19th

Learning Community Research Project Final Pres Nov 27-28

Each person (individually) will write ONE short answer question which you think Dr. Moretzsohn will ask on this Friday's exam. Avoid overlap by working with your team to ensure that you choose questions representing different material. Your question and complete answer should be uploaded to the BlackBoard Discussion before you come to class on Wed/Thurs. Please include the topic/question in the text of your post!

Wednesday and Thursday

Review for the Biology Exam--Question Party!

Bring all of your biology notes and the book chapters with you to seminar for use during our review on Wed/Thurs!

Remember to upload your short answer questions (with complete answers) to the BlackBoard discussion before coming to class!

Important announcements about next week's class plans!